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We partner with select pest management companies looking for either an ownership transition or to partner with a group of experienced executives to accelerate growth and help build a best-in-class pest control company.

"Rockit Pest made the difficult task of selling our family business so much easier. Having flexibility as to how fast or slow we moved through the process was a real plus for us! Rockit's due diligence was condensed, manageable, and straightforward. The key to any deal for us was finding a company that believes in taking care of our employees and customers. Rockit understood from the start the value of our company's legacy in the community and the importance of caring for and retaining our people. This approach made for a smooth transition and a successful acquisition for all parties involved!"
Christopher Cavanagh
Christopher Cavanagh
Former Owner & President • Petri Pest Control

"In the fall of 2020, we celebrated our 65th anniversary at spencer Pest Services. We were incredibly proud of what we had built together, and with our success, companies were approaching Spencer for acquisition. Although our ultimate goal was to sell, it was imperative that the acquiring company provide our team with a strong opportunity to grow and excel.

The "Big Guys" came to the table with handsome deals, but Spencer would ultimately be a "tuck in" and we just felt this may not be the best fit for our team. Then we were approached by Rockit. As a private equity firm, with years of experience in the service sector, Rockit recognized the strength of the Spencer team and wanted to utilize and build upon the systems and processes that we had developed over the years.

Rockit brought the ability for our whole team to grow and excel. They listened to our concerns for our staff and were very insightful as to their need and want to keep everyone. Ryan Bradbury, CEO of Rockit Pest, made the negotiations and due diligence thorough but palatable, and he remained in constant communication with us to ensure the transition was seamless. Change is inevitable, but it really comes down to choosing the best way to handle it. Rockit handled the transition professionally, while ensuring our culture and core values that Spencer was built on, would be maintained and enhanced with time.

If you and your company are contemplating selling and you want to make sure you are getting the best for your team members and yourself, I would strongly encourage you to meet with Rockit and hear what they have to offer. I'm confident you will be impressed. We were then and still are today."

Sheri Spencer Bachman
Former Owner • Spencer Pest Services

Rockit Testimonials